Why not spend 2 or 3 days in Delphi instead of just taking a day trip from Athens?

Delphi in ancient times was considered the centre of the known world and was the spiritual centre of Greece. This was the place on earth where the human being could be as close to the Gods as it was possible to get. Many people say that even today Delphi has very special and positive ‘vibes’ and energy; and that is why it is a good idea to spend a relaxing 2 or 3 days there rather than just a rushed and sweaty 2 or 3 hours there like most ‘day trippers’ do who come from Athens for the day.

For most day trippers the two main things to think about when they get to Delphi is where to get some lunch and what time the bus is leaving to go back to Athens. If you come to Delphi for 2 or 3 days – you have time to think about a whole different bunch of stuff and enjoy the spectacular natural environment here; and soak up the special positive vibes and energy of this small friendly town.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Main Bus Times for Delphi and the Surrounding Area

Main Bus Times for Delphi and the Surrounding Area

Times occasionally change and so you should check when planning a trip.

The times below are from the main winter schedule.
 There are a few small changes to time for the summer season. 

No liability is accepted for the accuracy of these times – but they are correct at the time of posting on this blog 20/02/2017 - You can check latest bus times at:


(Main Bus Station - Amfissa Tel: 22650 29900 / 29909 )

or at local bus stations or hotel receptions

(On most public holidays a Sunday service will operate.)

(Times are 7 days a week unless specified otherwise.)

1. Athens – Arrachova - Delphi (Takes apx 3 hours 20 mins with a coffee/toilet stop on the way)

07.30 10.30 15.00 17.30 (+ 20.00 Fri+Sun only - to Delphi)

[Arrachova to Delphi 9.45/12.45/16.45/19.45/22.00)

2. Delphi – Arachova – Athens (The traditional mountain village of Arrachova is 20 minutes from Delphi.)

(05.30 Not Sat/Sun) (07.15 Sat/Sun only) (08.20 to Arachova Only – Not Sat/Sun)  11.00   16.00   18.45

(This route passes through Livadia where you can pick up trains services.) 

3. Delphi - Amfissa (main local town to Delphi) + Itea (with the beaches)

(08.15 Not Sat/Sun) 10.15  (13.00 Direct Itea)  (15.30 - not Sat) 17.45  20.15 (22.15 Fri+Sat only winter / every day summer?)

This route arrives ITEA 15 minutes after departing from Amphissa)

4. Amfissa – Itea – Delphi - Athens (Passes through Itea on the way 15 mins after leaving Amfissa and through Delphi 40 minutes after departure from Amfissa.)

(05.30 Not Sat/Sun) (06.45 Sat/Sun Only) (07.00 Mon to Fri) 10.30 (12.15 Mon to Fri to Delphi only; but at 14.00 in summer) 15.30 (not Chrisso), 18.15  (20.15 to Delphi via Itea - Summer only)

There is also a local bus from Amfissa to Delphi at 2.00 pm (2.15 pm from Itea) but only Mondays to Fridays. (This is good if you walked down to the sea at Itea from Delphi in the morning and want to bus back to Delphi for lunch;or take the 15.45 from Itea if you would like a swim first... )

5. Amphissa - Itea – Galaxidi

05.45 (Not Sun)    11.00     14.15  (18.30 Sun Only)   20.15
(Departures from Itea are 15 minutes later)

6. RETURN: Galaxidi - Itea – Amphissa

(06.50 Not Sat/Sun) 10.00  14.50  (17.45 Sun only) 20.20 (Not Sat)

No liability is accepted for the accuracy of the above times – but they are all correct at the time of publishig this Delphi 3 Days guide 27/05/2017

You can check latest bus times at: http://www.ktel-fokidas.gr/en/routes
at bus stations or hotel receptions

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Remember - public holidays will be different in Greece than back home - and 'some' museums in Greece will close on 'some' public holidays or maybe have shorter opening times. So its best to check times when you are visiting a location in Greece on a public holiday. Above are the main 2018 dates to be careful on.